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Cheshire East SP

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Single Point of Access (SPA) to make an application for care services?

No. SPA applications are only for people who need short term housing support. This means help with practical things like help to budget, organise bills, access education / training, look for work or temporary accommodation in a hostel.

I am completing a SPA application but it will not let me continue due to an error with the National Insurance (NI) number.

This is because the NI number already exists in the database either with an existing SPA application or with a Homechoice application. Call 01625 378219 to speak to the SPA worker and they will give you the existing login details for the applicant.

I'm a support provider and someone has approached me for help, should I send them away?

No. You should complete a SPA application with that person and then contact the SPA worker to check if there is a waiting list. If there isn't they will refer the application back to you so you can deliver the support.

I was completing an application but when I went back to the computer the application wouldn't continue and I lost all the pages that I had completed.

This is a secure website and as a result it will 'time you out' if you leave it for a short period of time; so you must complete the form all in one go. It is best to have all the information about the applicant with you before you start the form.

How do I make an application for re-settlement floating support for someone leaving a hostel? Won't this be a duplicate application as they are already on the SPA with their hostel placement?

You can and should make a referral for anyone leaving a hostel because receipt of a re-settlement service is important to ensure that someone moving on from a hostel succeeds. You should make a new SPA application but using the existing login details - these can be obtained from the SPA worker. The application for re-settlement should be done at least a month before they are due to move on.

Why has the person I referred not been offered a place in the hostel in their home town?

We have a limited number of hostel places across Cheshire East. Many of the hostels are very small and so places do not come up very often. As a result if someone is in urgent housing need they will need to travel to a different town to access a place in a hostel. It can sometimes be many months before there is a vacancy in a particular hostel.

I referred someone to the SPA last month and someone else only last week. The person I referred last week has already been offered a hostel place but the other person is still waiting. Why is that, it seems unfair.

Referrals are all processed as soon as we receive them. There is a wait for some services as they can be in very high demand. We prioritise those applicants with the most urgent level of need so some more recent applicants will receive a service first. 

Why has the person that I referred not been offered a place in the most obvious service?

Sometimes people have more than one support need and so could receive support from a service which would support their secondary support need. All of our support providers can provide broadly the same type of support, only with different specialisms.

I submitted a referral last week for my client but I have just been made aware of further information. Can i log in and update the referral?

Unfortunately the SPA software does not allow this. Please call the SPA worker on 01625 378219 and they can update the application for you.

Someone has turned up at my hostel out of hours asking for a hostel bed. We have a vacancy so can I let them move in?

Firstly hostels under Supporting People contracts are not direct access. The SPA exists to ensure that all referrals across Cheshire East are prioritised according to individual need.

You should refer them to 'No Second Night Out', complete a SPA referral with them yourself and notify the Cheshire East Council Homeless team on 0300 123 5017 (option 1) or on 0300 123 5025 out of hours.

Dependant upon the response of the homeless team you could offer them a bed for the night.

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