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Cheshire East SP

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Cheshire East Single Point of Access for Housing Support


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Welcome to the Cheshire East Single Point of Access

We provide a range of floating support and hostel services for people with a support need. This could be anything from help to claim the correct benefits and life skills such as budgeting, to more complex support with things like drug and alcohol support needs or support to manage a person's mental health.

In order to access these services all referrals should be made online using the application form on this website.

What type of Support is available?

Floating support services can work with people wherever they are in Cheshire East; whether living in a private rented home, social housing or a home they own. Services can also work with people who are homeless so long as they can be contacted either directly or via a friend / relative.

Supported Housing is for people who need somewhere to live either because they are homeless or need some support to manage in the short term. Support staff are on hand to provide advice and support with straightforward life skills. If more help is needed they can provide help to access other services. Support staff will help you to learn how to live independently and support you to move on into your own housing. 

The support offered includes:

  • Setting up and keeping a home and/or tenancy
  • Managing finances, debt advice and applying for benefits
  • Gaining access to other services
  • Establishing social contacts and activities
  • Supervising and monitoring of health, wellbeing and medication

How do I apply?

You can apply for support by using the online application form on this website, but the form is quite long so most people get somebody to help them. If you have a social worker or a housing support worker they will make a referral with you.

It is important to include a contact phone number where we can contact you.The form will time you out after 30 minutes because it is a secure application. Please note that the form is 5 pages long and has to be completed in one go. At the end of each page click 'Next Section' to go to the next page.

Floating Support Services

We run separate but identical services in the north and south of the borough. These are provided by various providers under contract to Cheshire East Council. 

  • Mental Health
    This service provides low level floating support to 60 people with a mental health support need, who need some support to become re-established in the community. Support can be provided for a maximum of 6 months. Where a longer term need is identified, the service will support people to obtain a social care assessment to ensure that their longer term care needs are met.
  • Re-settlement
    These services provide support to 50 people (and couples) of all ages to either; settle into their new home after moving out of a hostel, hospital etc. or maintain their tenancy where they may be at risk of losing their home. They will work closely with all hostel providers to provide move-on support. These services also work closely with the private sector to establish shared (and initially supported) accommodation for single people.


 Short Term Supported Housing Services

There are also a number of Supporting People short term hostel services across Cheshire East for:

  • Homeless Families 
    Hostels and furnished houses in Crewe and Congleton for families who are homeless. 
  • Single Homeless 
    A hostel in Wilmslow (with satellite houses in Knutsford and Macclesfield) for single people who have recently been in prison or who are homeless.
  • People with Mental Health Support Needs
    There are two small hostels in Macclesfield for people who are managing their mental health and only need very little support.
  • Single Homeless adults 
    A hostel and shared houses and flats for single people who are homeless. These are located in the Congleton area.
  • Young People (16-25)
    There are 2 hostels in Crewe for young people who are homeless.
  • Mums to be 
    There is a specialised hostel in Macclesfield for young single mums to be.

As with the floating support services, all hostel services are designed to develop life skills, and will work with the re-settlement service to support people to move onto more stable shared or lone accommodation within 6-9 months.


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